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There is constant need for the flowing.

· Fresh vegetables, fruit and animal feeds

· Gum Poles—any length or thickness.

· Wooden beams, planks or flat sheets.

There is an urgent need for these

· Welded Mesh wire,

· Straight wire and round bar.

· Y Standards, droppers, fence poles and gates. (not rusted please)

· Bricks, pavers, tiles and decretive stoneware (Also large boulders)

· Water piping, fittings, valves, stock feed and watering troughs

· Electrical plugs, switches, breakers, cable DB boxes, cable and electrical controllers (please offer anything you may have)

· Trees and shrubs (indigenous only please)

· Small plastic and asbestos dams.

· Corrugated or IBR roof sheets (steel or plastic)

· Glass sheets (all sizes all thicknesses)

· Aluminum glass frames and doors.

· Subsidizing enclosures and buildings

Funding is most welcome


· Volunteers—fulltime or part-time

·Excavator CAT 395 or larger (approx 40 hrs) 

· Draftsmen (design of  buildings)

· Veterinary products

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