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Education: An Essential Conservation Task of EndoFaun Zoo strives to create awareness of the necessity to establish a new balance between human development and the earth’s biological system is basic to conservation. This awareness should be communicated in all layers of human society. Education; explaining the irreplaceable value of the entire biological system of our planet and all of its constituent components is a most powerful tool in raising the level of general awareness for conservation.



In conjunction with education programs is the display of Living Animals, which is the Basis of Zoo Education. Knowledge is the basis for conservation and it is the aim of the zoo to promote conservation through education and the gaining of in-depth knowledge of the natural history and captive care and maintenance of all species, by the display of live specimens in as natural environment as possible. 



Due to the above EndoFaun zoo is committed to the following;

  • The scientific research into the captive maintenance of species in the zoo

  • Breeding programs for endangered, highly endangered and critically endangered species

  • The reintroduction or translocation of endangered species into suitable habitat where in-depth study warrants such introduction

  • Not to remove or unnecessarily take species from the wild

  • To share information with other institutions on the captive care and maintenance of species successfully maintained and bred.

  • To engage in field studies of species housed in the zoo so as to get a better understanding of the requirement’s for such species

  • To concentrate zoo resources and personnel to species requiring conservation, especially where the species is highly endangered or critically endangered.

  • To assist where possible other institutions with genetic diverse animals for breeding programs.

  • To preserve the genetic diversity of all species in breeding programs.

  • Not to embark on any hybridization-breeding project for any species.

  • To promote the preservation of natural habitat at all opportunities.

  • To assist where possible all efforts made by other organizations, NGO’s and governmental departments with their conservation efforts.



To refer and use as reference the most current version of the conservation strategy document and to amend and adapt to the guidelines as set out therein.

EndoFaun Zoo

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